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Mysticalx's Journal
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
12:56 am
oh so familiar situation
i have this tendency that when i meet a girl that can acutally hold my attention and catch my interest, i over analyze things. i've only met her twice and yet i can't stop thinking about her. i don't know it is and i know almost next to nothing about her. the only thing i do know for sure is nothing is going to happen due to the fact that she doesn't live here. thought she did but she doesn't.

i gotta stop meeting girls like this. lets find me a ho. haha.

Current Mood: thirsty

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Monday, October 15th, 2007
12:03 am
help is needed. physical, mental, emotional. the whole 9. yet no one is around to help.

Current Mood: confused

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Monday, April 23rd, 2007
3:07 am
2 weeks left before she leaves for who knows how long. could be forever. or maybe not. either way, she'll be gone for long extended period of time. its a good thing i took advantage of all the time we had together and appreciated all the things she's done for me. she's made the last 3.5 years much easier with the little things she does that makes me smile. i do understand the reason for her leaving but there is a part of me that wants her to stay here for a bit longer. oh well. just gotta use these last 2 weeks just right.

i refuse to say goodbye.

i love her hugs.

i miss her already.

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Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
11:56 pm
so she appears out of no where. sees from clear across the room. then she comes up to me and says hi. then she proceeds to say that she missed me and have been thinking about me lately.

so i'm thinking she's just being nice cause we haven't seen each other in months.

so then gives me a hug. and this was like bear hug. not those half ass sissy hugs most girls give. normally, this wouldn't warrant anything but i remember she telling me that gives those types of hugs to someone she really likes.

this girl has got me trippin. even after like 6+ months. she got skills. haha

oh man. atleast she's as pretty as i remembered. whoot for eye candy??

Current Mood: thirsty

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Sunday, March 12th, 2006
2:20 am
its time
i'm done. i'm done with being taken for granted. i am done being unappreciated. i am now re-evaluating everything. mainly whom i will be associating with and whom i call my friends. keep that drama shit the fuck away from me. bring it anywhere near me and i will not be held responsible for my actions. physically, emotionally, and mentally. i will no longer bite my lip and hold my tongue.

i am slowly becoming the violent person i once was a long time ago. and i do not like it one bit. it is such a waste of time and energy. i refuse to be that person again but if things continue the way they are. it's inevitable.

Current Mood: determined

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Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
3:35 am
new year. same shit.
school is back in session and i got the heaviest work load i have ever had before. i'm gping to kill myself with it. going down in the blace of glory. whoot.

other than that, new year. same shit as always. oh, i'm taking drugs again. its been years and i'm back on it. gots to do what i gots to do to get my shit done.

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
5:42 am
soooooo close....
2 weeks. 2 freaking weeks. i was that close to going 1 whole year without getting cockblocked. soooo fucking close but so far away. i went against my better judgement but oh well. no regrets atleast. sigh...atleast this time it wasn't as bad as all the other ones in the past.

i really should've known better. considering that it was so close to the holidays and what not.

oh well...on to the next chick. hah.

Current Mood: sore

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Sunday, December 11th, 2005
4:02 am
i'll find out what her feelings towards me in a few days time. i'm getting such mixed signals right now. either by wednesday or friday i'll find out for sure. the sooner the better obviously. but fow now, its such a distraction.

i just gotta keep reading my last post to keep me in check.

Current Mood: meh

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Thursday, December 8th, 2005
5:25 am
this is a reminder to myself. nothing is going to happen.

Current Mood: my feet are fucking freezing

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
12:26 am
i'm telling you man...
talking on the phone is great. its such a fucken shame that this happened during my finals when i can't leave my house. haha. hopefully, this will keep up until after next thursday. then maybe we can actually hang out and talk in in person. cause that would be swell.

Current Mood: awake

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Sunday, December 4th, 2005
10:39 pm
each time i talk on the phone with her, i realise something new i like about her. last time, found out that she has a lovely voice. this time, she has a sexy voice and a sweet light laughter when she's tired.

what things will i learn next? =D

Current Mood: procastination sucks

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2:02 am
i'm tossing it back like i did way back when. i spent about 40 mins on the phone with her today before. who needs email and instant messenges and myspace when you can actually hear the person's voice. and she has a lovely voice.

i'm happy.

Current Mood: giddy

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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
2:43 am
god damn
she REALLY needs to stop what she is doing to me. she has gotten me sppppprrrruuuunnngggg like a springboard. i can't concentrate half the time anymore while i'm trying to do my own thing. she still makes me smile though. hot damn

Current Mood: cold

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
2:25 am
i like her name. its nothing out of the ordinary or anything. simple but nice. i like it.

Current Mood: content

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
3:32 am
so she smiles at me everytime i see her. in turn, it makes me smile. i have yet to know her name but i will soon enough.

Current Mood: tired

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
9:06 pm
finals. done. i have 1 week off. call me if you want to hang out. otherwise, it'll have to wait til december during winter break.

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
9:23 pm
i should know better. i really should. and i do but i just help it. i let her to catch my attention. the bad quality out weighs the good but i cna't help but to give in. i'm such a chump. haha. i will not be cockblocked this year. i've been doing good up to this point. i shall not it happen to me. i'll fight this shit. but damn, she gots it going on. hah.

Current Mood: accomplished

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Monday, August 22nd, 2005
3:33 pm
so this string of good luck that has been happening to me lately has gotten me a bit nervous. this is very uncomfortable for me. so i'm just waiting for the bad to happen. with good i've been having, the bad must be big. after that, all will be well and i won't have to worry about anything. til then, ii'm wondering what the hell is going to happen.

Current Mood: indescribable

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Friday, August 19th, 2005
5:36 pm
and i am once again a chump. hah.

Current Mood: good

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
5:46 pm
aaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddddd i got spppppppprrrruuuunnnnggggg. who knew that she had it going on like that. =D

Current Mood: satisfied

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